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Lots of vapers does not aware of countries which have restriction on distributing E-cigarette and even E-liquid. But then, there are countries allowed the imports of E-liquid with zero content of nicotine, while prohibited the E-Cigarette and countries which totally banned both of them. For those who love travel while vaping, make sure you plan it well since we do not want you to take a breeze behind the bars.

The restriction and banning of both E-Cigarette as well as E-Liquid is because of the report by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2014, which stressed out their worries about the new phenomenon of E-Cigarette users worldwide.

On their research, they found that there is no strong reason and evidence for the tobacco smokers to quit smoking by assuming vape. Yet, they found out all type of E-Cigarette inspire the younger users to try-out with different and innovative E-Liquid flavours. In addition, they expose that even though the products are less harmless to the users but then they still contributing to the health risk of the consumers.

Hence, let us help and list out for you countries which banning the vaping activities in their countries to smooth out your holidays plans. Below are the countries which famous to visit in global destinations.



In Australia, E-Cigarette which containing nicotine in the E-Liquid are forbidden. Without any prove of buying prescription, Australian vapers cannot buy and import nicotine to the sovereign country. Surprisingly, E-Cigarette are not illegal but, one condition where they cannot sold and used the products with nicotine content.



Vapers can freely vaping in Canada since it is legal. Nevertheless, it depends on each of the providences whether their applied any restriction about the products. Basically, smoking and vaping are not allowed where you must be above 19 years old to do so. This could a homework for the vapers if you choose Canada as your vacation place because you need to make research and know which providences that does have vaping restrictions.



Vaping activities in China are rather uncertain, while consuming and buying E-Cigarette is legal. The problem here is that same as Canada, there are some area where they banned the activity around China. Thus it is crucial for you check in detail the prohibited places since China is knowingly as very strict with any rules and regulations. Where in Hong Kong, they sees nicotine as their number one enemy equals to number one type of poison and it is illegal to have if not you are being penalty up to 2 year and large fine.



France is a legal place to vaping, but then of course there is some restriction when bring your favourite to the romantic country. You may not vaping in the public, including in using public transport as well as place where there are presence of children near you. Well, the selling of vape products is equally legal.



It is permitted to vape in Germany where they have least laws against the activity. However they have age restriction to purchase any vape product including to consume them. They need to be 18 years old and above to vape nicotine content E-Liquids. This powerful economic country, is really aware and update to the new information about released these vape products (E-Cigarette and E-Liquid related items). So, be alert of any regulations shifted.



Greece vaping restriction is quite light, but there is a minimal laws which they have announced to be likely unenforced. Lately this historical country, slowly following other country on restricting public vaping and usage of vape products. It would safe if you could avoid public area when vaping.



Vaping in Italy is recommended. Moreover, it is widely accepted by the citizen, they believed that there sparks of hope to hold on with the vape products. Since vape will lower the medical costs for curing diseases caused by tobacco cigarette.



Strongly restricted in Japan country related to the vape products by their laws. The ownership of vape products without infused of nicotine is allowed, despite vape product sales and production is limited to the distributors since it was run by one manufacturer. Japan prohibited any E-Liquid containing nicotine either use or sell. They would prefer if the user used an E-Cigarette that burn the tobacco leaves than E-Liquid.



Vaping activities is a big no no in the Netherlands. Thoroughly very strict with anything relating to vape requirements, production and distribution products. From the beginning of the time, any E-Liquid with nicotine was firmly restricted across the country and border. I f they found any of the product being active they would seize all of them. The situation has been loosen up since vape did show a positive health results but still they tightly hold on laws of banning any advertisement and selling activities of vape products.



Public vaping in the United Kingdom could make you lose you vape, but vaping in is totally legal. So restraint yourself not to have vape in public area. They quiet many restriction being unwelcome toward vape products, thus it is quite difficult to find.


These are the several famous possible destinations for your vacation. Hope this would guide you more on deciding and making research to the country that you would bought your mate (vape) together. Plus, this simple map would gives you a quick info about restricted countries in having vape.




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