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Now if you come here and has been our loyal Vapechi Blog reader, you knew how a vapourizer works. If not come and read our previous blog on Knowing Lesson Vape and E- Juice. With your favourite vape device on your hand whether long time user or first time user, I bet you are still searching the best partner (E-Liquid) for your mate.

The heart of all type E-Cigarettes is the battery, the brain is the atomizer while the soul is the E-liquid itself. Without soul you are just a dead body same goes as when you are run out of it, the device your holding all day is just a piece of tech. There are hundred thousands of E-liquid being exports, imports and more are coming up with the hands of brewers who are keep innovating the flavours. You must be confused what kind of criteria do you need to have before you decided to buy the juices.

Do not worry, be happy. Because we are here to put together all criteria you need to follow and guide you to choose the best E-liquid you can get. Closely read this post and hopefully we did answered your curiosity.


You eat with your eyes first when looking for food. So you need to do the same as you looking for the E-Liquids. Look out for the flavours since you will be vaping it all day long. E-Liquids were sell in with nicotine level, PG or VG (maybe both), and vapour production. This will goes with the theory of choosing outwears, you need to be comfortable and feel fantastic while wearing it daily. As for your E-Liquids, you have to choose the flavour you like, level of nicotine you prefer, ratio of PG : VG including the clouds (vapour) you exhale. Then, it will be the perfect choice for you if not, you are not going use it and lastly let it be like your untouched clothes in the wardrobe.

Nowadays, E-Liquids have been varied in flavours and categories like, fruits, food, cocktails, and tobacco until the mixture bland of strange delicious flavours. At first if you are a smoker turn to a vaper, maybe you would find the taste of similar to your favourite tobacco cigarette. The manufactures aware of you desire, they trying to produce the exact flavour as they can for several famous Tabaco brands. Single flavours are on the top when E-Cig gets its name like in Vapechi we have few brands which still keep the authentic single flavour such as EQUAL (Strawberry, Grape, Mango Blackcurrant), HORNY (Mango, Pineapple, Red Apple) and FIZZY (Honeydew, Orange, Kola).

When times goes by, an amateur become a professional vapers, have the brave of exploring and testing the new innovation of flavours such as a combination, mixture or blend of more than two type of ingredients. The brewers also become crazier upgrading the flavours until they can mimicking your favourite foods and desserts. At Vapechi we have KAUFEMEN BOWTIE - Peanut Butter Dessert and VAPO FLAVO - Blueberry Flambé Cream. We could never know how much other flavours will be brewed and bless you since you got to choose your desired flavour in variation selections.

Here’s some tips for you first, be brave to test and find the flavours that fit your changing taste buds. Next, since you are in the “flavours-testing-mode”, you will be buying lots of E-Liquid bottles. Therefore, how about buying small bottles which between 15-30ML like us we have INFINITE JUICE - John White comes with 30ML bottle and if you found out that it is not suitable for you, you would not be that disappointed. You can buy and stock up your favourite flavour collections up until 65ML to 120ML. When you comfortable with it start experimenting other flavours too!


One of the smokers’ reason to love and change to vapers is that they wanted to stop smoking tobacco and kill people. The thing you-know-who, nicotine is the one drug which make so additive to the smokers. Beside there are much more other harmful ingredients entitle tobacco cigarette much more dangerous than vape. E-Liquids only contain liquids, nicotine, menthol or cooling agents and flavours. These days’ lots of manufactures, produce less nicotine and almost zero nicotine being in the market. From a strong smoker who usually took higher rate of nicotine can slowly reduce it down with different nicotine level provided by the E-Liquids.

These are the nicotine level we have in the market:

  • 0 mg (nicotine-free)
  • 3 mg (low nicotine)
  • 6 mg (low nicotine)
  • 12 mg (medium nicotine)
  • 18 mg (high nicotine)
  • 24 mg (high nicotine)


While these are the range of nicotine level for vapers who wanted to know what level they are and ongoing nicotine free vaping vapers:

  • Low: 6mg and below: Light smokers who go through half a pack or less per day.
  • Medium: 9mg -16mg: Average smokers who consume half a pack to one pack a day.
  • High: 18mg - 36mg: Heavy chain smokers.


Searching for nicotine and nicotine free E-Liquids at Vapechi? Here are the top 5th E-Liquid from us according to the lowest and the highest nicotine level (Table 1.0). The highest nicotine level we had is FCUKIN FLAVA – Freezy Mango with 10MG nicotine.

No\Nicotine Level

0 MG

3 MG

6 MG



·         Grape 8888

·         Mango 8888


·         Crazee Mango

·         Pineapple Shoxx


·         Tophat- Strawberry Custard

·         Bowtie- Peanut Butter Dessert



·         Black Ice

·         Blackcurrant

·         Grape

·         Mango

·         Mango Blackcurrant


·         Creamy Melon

·         Milky Loops

·         Peach Yogurt

·         Soirs De Scotch

·         Space Mango


·         Bull

·         Grape

·         Honeydew

·         Kola

·         Orange

·         Pineapple

·         Wild Berries



·         Blackcurrant

·         Grape

·         Mango

·         Strawberry


·         Blueberry Flambé Cream

·         Kurant Candy

·         Love Lychee

·         Whatmelon


·         Artic Berry

·         Banana Hazelnut

·         Blackcurrant

·         Mango Twist



·         Mango

·         Pinberry

·         Pineapple

·         Red Apple

·         Strawberry


·         Double Apple

·         Grape

·         Mango Blackcurrant

·         Triple Two


·         Super Mango

·         Super Orange

·         Super Strawberry

·         Super Watermelon



·         Hantu Mango

·         Virgin Grape


·         Awesome Honeydew

·         Blueberry Blackcurrant

·         Mango Cracky

·         Prime Grape


·         Pineapple Berry

·         Strawberry Mango

·         Tropical Mango



These two initials are common to the vapers. Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerol are the base main solution to the E-Liquid or both. More information and details for both content visit our previous post here. PG responsibility is to sustain more flavour but unfortunately, it gives you less vapor. Rather than VG is thicker and slightly sweet taste, hence it produces massive vapor or clouds which good for vape tricks.PG and VG Ratio

With some observation being made here are the result for certain ratio production:

  • VG 50:50 PG split gives a decent throat hit on the inhale, with a pleasant vapour on exhale.
  • VG 80:20 PG split retains a great, smooth taste with minimal throat hit and lots of vapour.

Since there are contrast personality from both of them, the brewers as well as the manufactures came out with E-Liquids containing all-PG, all-VG or both with lots of different ratio. The common ratio of PG:VG is 40:60 and many vapers really love and satisfied with the balance of the two main ingredients. Anyway, people who intend to react to the PG (allergic) such as itching, getting hives, or having hard time to breath normally, try to change and find the ratio which mix of 80% VG and 20% PG.


Done! These are the three main aspects that you need to look into when searching for the best E-Liquid for yourself. It take some time to choose, try and decide which flavour suit you but remember when trying new flavour buy smallest bottle you can get it’s worth it rather than wasting your money for nothing. Be brave, adventurous and start experimenting! Don’t forget to survey our fantastic E-Liquids too :)


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Image credits: Google Image 

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