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When the vape gaining its popularity then until now instead of showing negative results vape is receiving much attention and gives benefits to its users including people surround them. As you all know especially the tobacco ex-smokers, the smoker itself gets lots of health risk (Figure 1.0). Not to mention, the people around them who inhale the smoke gets the same effect of the smokers near them. They called second-hand smoker. Vape has been found that it helps to reduce smoking rate rapidly.

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Figure 1.0 by Hawaii State of Department of Health

Smoker turn to vapers believed that vape are safe and save. E-Cigarette or vape does not contain much higher content of dangerous harmful chemicals while vape have least toxic and literally provides the same function of delivering nicotine to the users. One box of cigarette normally cost for about RM 17, for a year it cost for approximately RM 6,120 and RM 510 every month. While vape one month supply E-juice cost for about RM 100 for two bottle of E-Juices and a year RM 1,200 save up to 46%. It is almost saved up to half percent of one year vape expenses.


United State

In the United State it was proved that adult smoking rate has descend down to 15 percent for the first time of first three quarter of year 2017. This info comes with the report from the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Through the report, in the same year, adults age 18 or older recorded on January to September was 14.1% compared to the year of 2016 the percentage dropped to 10.8% where smoking rate is 15.8% (Figure 1.1).

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Figure 1.1 by Colin Mendelsohn on Twitter

These estimate data report was taken from the National Health Interview Survey where it was referred to the United Stated Census Bureau (an agency which responsible for producing data about American people, business and economy) that has been analysed the health population trends for 50 years (1957-2017). All the data already analysed and the data compiled by the CDC’s National Centre for Health Statistics. During year 2009, adult smoking rate was 20.6%.As the year passes by the rate has remained under 20%. To conclude that, E-cigarette and vape has spread out promptly during the time but, the good progress made by the vapers have never be acknowledge by CDC. For your information, for the period of eight years, 31.6% holds the record of decline percentage in year 2017.


United Kingdom

For the United Kingdom vapers, the British land is very open and welcoming the vaping activities with the estimate data made by the University College London researchers is, 16,000 – 22,000 in England in 2014 quit smoking. By the quick rise of the famous slim electronic smoking device, the UCL research team has been following this news closely with the help of monthly national surveys and found out approximately 900,000 smokers used device which is E-Cigarette or vape in year 2014. Carrying 50% chances of success to stop people from smoking tobacco rather than gum or skin patch nicotine. The leader of UCL research team, Professor Robert West mentioned, “E-Cigarettes appear to be helping a significant number of smokers to stop who would not have done otherwise – not as many as some e-cigarette enthusiasts claim, but a substantial number nonetheless”.


Healthy result 

Previous study by Dr Le Houezec that the rats experiments which took for two years of inhaling nicotine proved that there are no harmful side effects. This study took place in 1996 long before e-cigarette catches the heart of smokers. As the study has been long studied research maybe have some reliable issues on the findings. According to the Scientific Reports (Polosa et al., 2017) about , continuously making research for 3 and half year experiment and research once again verified that vaping have no influence on the lungs. With this all vaping advocates rise and showed to the people who against vaping as their evidence. In this report it were stated that a Vaper considered as health professionals since vaping is much safer and it is a great alternative to smoking.

Let us list out a summary of the research findings for you.

  • No CT feature compatible with early sign of any lung disease
  • No detected changes in lung health for 4 years vaping
  • Exposure of aerosol emissions have no significant changes
  • Nicotine not the adverse health effect of smoking
  • Low dose of nicotine did not seem to have great effect on cardiovascular
  • No noticeable individual changes observed (eg: lung function, repertory symptom etc)
  • Smoker who have asthma switch to E-Ciq would reduce the harmful effect from the tobacco from lung


Recently on February 2018, Public Health England request for reducing the restrictions and laws on vape activities in hospitals. They are planning to get main doctors power to prescribe e-cigs to the patients at no charge at all. For now, for the vapers and smoker they are providing outside shelter where they can smoke as much as they want since it does not disturbing the air pollution in the country. Thus, the vapers felt unfair since they are not same as the smoker who could bring death to the one who inhale the smoke (second hand smokers). Of course if the rule valid there will be policy purpose by the hospital itself but they would be very welcome to the vapers to vaping hence there is room where they can vape said, Martin Dockrell, Public Health England’s tobacco leader. United Kingdom have recorded 100,000 death per year due to smoking effects and by the proven research their citizen started to become a vaper while the death rate of cigarette smokers lesser.


Now you know that E-Cigarette, Vape and E-Juice with or without nicotine did not shortens your life spans. What are you waiting for, quit smoking and happily start vaping! Find the right vape device for you and visit Vapechi to grab your perfect E-Juice.


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Images credits: Google Image


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