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Understanding Vape and E-Juices
Still having a blur vision about knowing what is exactly vape and E-Juice? Come and follow us next story of simple yet informative blog post about the inside of these two interesting things.
As we can know the vape effect has been spreading widely worldwide by the drag of new way smoking cigarette, which is the E-Cigarette (Electronic Cigarette). Where the term of when users are inhaling the vapour is called vape/vaping.



What is Vaporizer / E-Cigarette?
These tools are an electric devices which convert the vaporing materials which is in form of liquid substances. Both of them and other vapour tools basically is be made up of battery, housing or support, cartridges, and atomizer (a device which release the liquid into spray form). The process happened when power produces by the battery helps the heating component in the atomizer which contains liquid substances and turn out the liquid into vapour for inhalation.


What kind of liquid substance can be vaped?
In the world of vape users, they were really familiar and famous of E-Liquids or E-Juice but as the beginning life of vape story common substance such as waxy concentrates and dry herbs were used up until now. Different vaping substance needing different function of vaporizer. As for the liquid type, the vaporizer need to have a cartridge or tank to contain the material while dry herbs, must have a heating chamber in order to produce smoke. This is where many vape users love to have multipurpose vaporizer which they can change the cartridges due to their preferred vaporizer substance.


Introducing E-Juice and E-Liquid
E-Juice which also being recognize by E-Liquid. They are fundamentally consists of Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerine (VG) base, flavourings, and they may contain nicotine or may not. As from now there a variety of E-Juice to be choose from in the vape market through the retail store as well as online store. You can find so much type of flavours from the basic fruity taste to the upgrading new experience such as dessert, candies, and even your favourite PB&J Sandwich flavour.


Nevertheless, any type of E-Juice will fit but, to have some joy and pleasure of vaping, these great innovation of E-Juice could make it better and adventure.


Source: Vaping Daily
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