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UK study helps with the nicotine vape activity in Australia which recently banned. We have heard lot of recent news about how vape can actually improve all people life. Not only for the users but it helps the world to be a better place for all without no separation between bad and good.

One of the online news update in Australia, published a new about the banning of nicotine vape activity for the Australian vapers. In the news stated that, with the UK study already proved by the experts about the good things of vaping and e-cigarette. Correspondingly, with the study from the expert it could save 500,000 Australian lives and this study stir up the Turnbull Government about banning the e-cigarette. UK government with the Public Health England in the review of the e-cigarette study, says it could encourage 20,000 UK smokers a year quit from smoking and probably more than we thought.

The leading tobacco treatment expert and a Professor at NSW University Associate, Colin Mendelsohn gave his preference which in Australia could be save much more lives than UK according to the UK’s figure. Australia need to rethink about banning the nicotine-content vape and supporting their products uses.

He adds, “PHE is calling on smokers who have struggled to quit to try switching to an e-cigarette and get professional help.” All of his says is not as empty shell, the report already state that e-cigarette sales should be placed in the National Health Science patients and hospital shops. “If two in three Australian smokers switch to vaping over the next ten years, the premature deaths of 500,000 smokers would be averted, based on the modelling in the US population” he said.

95% better than smoking tobacco cigarette


The report state that the cause of people getting chronic diseases from smoking habits is not the nicotine faults. Cigarette would be as safer as vape if it is only contain nicotine and harmless substances. The thing which makes smokers keep smoking is the nicotine in the dangerous content stick. 10% of adults already take this as the truth of why vape is far safer to have.

However, the attractive and technologically beautiful appearance will absolutely catches eyes and hearts of the young bloods which scares the adults especially parents of they going into smoking gateway (to try smoking).

“E-Cigarette are not completely risk free but when compared to smoking, evidence shows they carry just a fraction of the harm”, said one of the research authors, Professor Kevin Fenton from Public Health England (PHE).

Moreover, the study proved, most of the dangerous substances which supporting to lead the chronic disease to the smokers are undetected in e-cigarette and the last per cent fortune for the e-cigarette users is that 95% less harmful to the human body by the research. Thus statement also agrees by the John Newton, a professor and director for health improvement at PHE rather than it is less harmful, the bystanders (the one who inhale the vapor) will minor effect from it. Moving to the Australia, Senator David Leyonhjelm the leader of Liberal Democrats said which Australian government could not fight the ban on e-cigarette with the UK research study came out positively. He said “Health Minister Greg Hunt (who has vowed the ban will not be lifted watch) has been held hostage by a group so-called expert in public health experts who are ideologically opposed to e-cigarette, despite now irrefutable evidence that these products are saving thousands of lives”

He adds, which there is no chances of keep questioning and fighting over the issue since through the research the jury was in. E-Cigarettes are much effective, as nicotine patches, gum and other TGA products and maybe could be more helpful than the nicotine alternative products.


Dr Mendelsohn threw perspective that if there any government agency in the UK can give support from behind on e-cigarette to save British lives, then why not the Australian government take a brave step to save their people. He explained with smoking responsible for 19,000 previous deaths every year and huge figure will cost, take example of these great countries of United Kingdom, European Union, United States which successfully save life with their bold action for allowing vape activity and expected Canada and New Zealand will follow as well.

New researches and studies are upcoming up to protect the vapers so don’t worry, relax and keep vaping!


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