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Research and Participants Background

The new vapers whether they are ex-smokers or newbies to vape have they own preferred flavour when vaping. Probably, for the ex-smokers, since their tongue is still tough and closed for other taste than tobacco we thought that they would choose any flavour which have tobacco in it to adjust their new habits. On the other side, the federal regulators preparing to establish rule for vape e-juice flavouring and somehow it effected the tobacco produced e-juices for the fans. Ironically, new research has come out and shows that most of the adult vapers who have stop smoking or starting to reduce smoking favourites non-tobacco flavours.

United Kingdom which never sleep keeps on conducting research about vape have found new findings through 2016 survey statistics of over 20,000 frequent American vapers to get the picture of what kind of taste that they most favour than tobacco. This research conducted by Centre for Substance Use Research (CSUR) professors which led by Dr Christopher Russell, who has few records of studying vape.


Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association (CASAA), Smoke-Free Alternative Trade Association (SFATA), the American Vaping Association (AVA), and Not Blowing Smoke (NBS) are the listed four consumer and trade vaping associations which received the survey invitations. Do not to forget get that the researchers also linked the survey to two top vaping forum worldwide which are E-Cigarette Forum (ECF) and Planet of the Vapes.

Separated their chosen suitable participants into six categories. Regular smokers who had quit smoking and frequent vapers were called the “switchers” by the researchers themeselve was the largest group with 75.9%. While the second largest group with 11.9% were vapers who take vape after they quit the smoking habits Unfortunately, the biggest number of vaper participate in this research are not actually represent all vapers, where most of them still prefer smoke and vape. 7% of the vapers responded were having both habits of smoking and vaping at the same time which make them are “dual users”. Through this study their participants were using refillable devices such as mods and tanks where e-cig product recorded not more one percent. Moreover, since this study was conducted in year 2016 pod mod like trendy JUUL, was not listed in regular vapers vape devices.


Result of the Flavour Pattern

Tobacco flavour would be everyone first flavour of vape as for the ex-smokers who just started to vape in 2016 which have already vape for 2-3 years before. Yet, the days for tobacco and mint/menthol flavour remaining gloomy with the hot rising demand of other vape flavours since its first appearance up until now. Other flavours like sweets, fruits, and even dessert are the top vape flavours (ejuice and eliquid) for vaping. “The proportion of the first e-cigarette purchase that were dessert/pastry-flavoured had also increased consistently, form being ranked fifth most common first flavour prior to 2011 to being ranked third in the past 12 months” statement written by the researchers.


“Since the 2013, fruit-flavoured e-liquid have replace tobacco-flavoured e-liquids as the most popular flavour with which participants had initiated e-cigarette use”. By the authors.


Obviously, we could guess which group would love fruity vape flavours. They have found that the highest number vaping with fruit flavoured ejuice is the group which never touch the nicotine stick. Clearly, long with the hotcakes sales and famously recognizing vape related product, people wanted to be in the recent trend as possible including the non-smokers which perhaps would rather choose to follow the trending vape flavoured nicotine than smoking tobacco cigarette. Determining the present used flavours, categories of fruit/fruit beverage, dessert/pastry, and candy/chocolate/sweets recorded for three favourites in all groups of responded vapers. Data of 14.8% still liking the tobacco flavours and 14.3% is menthol/mint flavour while vapers who favourites mixed two or more flavours is approximately 40%. As for the dual users with 15.9% who were preferred tobacco flavours and 16.3% picked menthol/mint flavour.


E-cigarette/e-liquid flavors currently used by 20,676 US adult frequent e-cigarette users stratified by Tobacco Use Pathway (TUP) group


The finding make sense to any vapers but never had a proper statistic support from the reliable sources. Most importantly, now the ex-smokers understand why people are planning to quit smoking then change to vaping and may wanted to avoid any tobacco flavoured ejuices since there are people who really determine to quit cigarette. There is another reasons why vapers would favour sweet and fruity flavour, no doubt when their thick taste buds come back to normal as they enjoying more on confectionary vaping style.



Sources: Vaping360, Harm Reduction Journal (BMC)

Image Credit: Google Images

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