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We can certainly say that the most heaven country to have vaping activities as freely as we can is in “British Vape Nation” (UK) yet they do some restricted places where vape is prohibited. Since UK is the only country which active in supporting vape life, the research and studies were done to keep help giving some trust to believe on by the anti-vaping country. Not long ago this year, new studies has come out to prove another point about vape is better than smoke. The study done by University of East Anglia (UEA) discover a new reason why smokers rapidly switching to vape besides the health issues, more affordable to have and less pungent smell it also because of elective reason which is enjoyable. This reason actually had becoming one of the main reasons why they are switching habit to vape and amazingly it also attracting stronger smokers to the of pleasurable vaping experience around them while they do not even have any thoughts of smoke quitting.

University of East Anglia (UEA)


“E-Cigarettes are at least 95 per cent less harmful than tobacco smoking, and they are now the most popular aid to quit smoking in the UK” said Dr Caitlin Notley of the UEA who led the team researchers. In addition, she said that unfortunately, it remains controversial issue of having E-Cigarette as the alternative to smoke and predictably for long-term use. The study focuses on to discover new reason why e-cigarette is the best choice for them to quit smoking and is it helping them in long period of smoking abstinence.

Her team studied 40 histories of ex-smokers who is now they are vapers on how they successfully fight with smoking habit. Few basic questions like when they started to vape, their pattern of set-up, and what kind of flavours and level of strengths they vaped including why do them change to vape. Trying look for the cause whether they vape and left smoking habits on their own intention or motivated by people surrounding. By the time when the research started to get deeper, the researchers found out that vape is not only giving advantages to its users such as sold on cheaper price and great source of alternative support ti get back their taste as well as smell senses from smoking harmful chemicals which allure the strong smokers to kick out their habits, “We found that vaping may support long term smoking abstinence”, said Notley.

Dr Caitlin Notley


“Not only does it substitute many of the physical, psychological, social and cultural elements of cigarette smoking, but it is pleasurable in its own right, as well as convenient and cheaper than smoking”

Through the study, they also discovered from the beginning of vaping until know they have experienced a better respiratory function along with their senses of taste and smell enhanced since the smoking abstinence. Notley stressed out that they found it is so enjoyable when vaping which help them who “don’t even want to stop smoking, to eventually quit.” New numbers indicate smoking reach all-time low in the US comes in the same week after the research is published. By the new government statistics, shows 14% of adults smokers last year, dropped down from the previous year 2016 which is 16%.

Tobacco research program at Medical University of South Carolina, K. Michael Cummings uttered by the time it is not a big changes the figure, surprisingly the number of smokers keep declining with over 30 million adults smokers. Experts expressed, that lots of programs and initiatives such as anti-smoking campaign, cigarette taxes and smoking bans to drag down the smokers percentage including allowing vaping and e-cigarettes. Cummings verified, “Everything is pointed in the right direction” as well as dropping cigarette sales and other indicators.

Another great news to the vape nation where this could be another support of we keep hold on protecting the better life of having vape.


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