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Do you ever heard of or aware that now in the United Kingdom (UK), the correctional facilities such as jail, prison or other place of incarceration by government officials, allowing the vaping activities in the place. Through the Vape News site, they published a recent news yesterday dated 27 June, which the UK amazed by the rocket rising of vape products sales at the cells. In Asia, nothing can be bought in when a person has been sentence to prison. Not as for the UK government, they are very concern and brave to allow vaping for the inmates.

The news published with the report written by Smith on the same day for Metro (UK). The government has been banning smoking for few prisons last, and now with The Ministry of Justice announcement, vaping in cells is not a problem anymore. Concerning the matter, it helps 33,000 prisoners to slowly stop their nicotine addict with e-cigarettes. As we know UK is very open and support the vape activity in their country since they focuses on the benefit of saving more live which lots of deaths is because of smoking. Therefore since the smoking has been banned in prisons, vaping is the most popular new hobbies to do.

Vape Nation, British

They can buy flavoured liquid for the vape needs and a big money for the shops in jail selling their needs. Nevertheless, they are worries which when allowing these devices into the correctional facilities could invite unwanted things happened like harm tools could be inside the vape device. One of the Prison Service representative said that, all closed prisons in England and Wales not only lowering the risk of harmful smoke lingering around the prison but it protect others too (second-hand smoke).

“Prisoners have been given support in quitting smoking if they need it including vapes, e-cigarette and nicotine replacement therapy”

“Official statistics estimated 80 per cent of the UK’s 70,000 prisoners smoked and assaults on prisoners and staff also rocketed after ban.”

Smokers were all addicted to the substance called nicotine. Do you wonder how did they manage to survive when smoking was banned in the prison? Prisoners who are smoke they give nicotine patches to have their nicotine intake. With that they cut out the nicotine patches and roll them with bible pages, tea leaves or banana skins. Even though they sentence for their wrong doings, it is sad to see the prisoners that trying to live. The government will not just give the permission to all start vaping right away without knowing the consequences. Starting from the Welsh prison, it was being chosen as a participant for performing a pilot program (experimental trial) to see is helping the smoked prison handle their nicotine level with less harmful alternative than smoking. It turns out to be that the experiment works well and gave a positive result. Upon the unexpected good result, other prisons were begin to sell and allowing vaping in other prisons in UK.


HMP Cardiff is first place where prisoners are permitted to vape. It holds adult male prisoners which is a Category B Local / Training Prison, the prisoners who are drawn predominantly form the surrounding court catchment are in South East Wales.

According to the Public Health England (PHE) report, rechargeable vape devices being placed in Wales accessible throughout the entire estate, including around the Long Term High Security and Women’s prisons. This statement was agreed by the Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service. The wirter of the Metro news, got a chance of interviewing a newly relsealed inmate from Derbyshire’s Foston Hall prison, the inmate said that without vape and could not survive for two months sentence, observing how smoking ban last year and got back in when the inmate was “dreading craving a burn. The inmate adds “However, I got a vaping machine and it made my sentence a lot easier”

Derbyshire’s Foston Hall Prison

Vape a very helpful to all smokers in the prison. We don’t know how it would be if there is no vape exist in this world. Vape once again helping people who needs it. Thus, stop smoking and start vaping.


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