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I wonder if you guys aware that when your mother cook lots of dished for Thanksgiving’s Day and it taste actually more delicious on the next day. Based on one experiment, said that any soups and stews containing milk or cream tend to breakdown lactose into glucose, which resulted a sweeter and flavourful with other ingredients. E-Juice and food have no different since the juice also containing food substance that why it is more tastier if you steeping, breathing or both streathing to your E-Liquids collections.

The definition of steeping is by placing a solid in water to soften, or extract flavour from it. Best example is like we intend to marinating meat if there is any barbeque party coming up. By this process the meat could absorbs all the flavours and make every piece of meat scrumptious. When it comes to E-Liquid “language terms” steeping is widely known by the vapers’ world just like “marinating” or “aging” your E-Liquid. Steeping vape juice is process of aging e-juices to remove any tough bottled tastes and a volatile (easily evaporated at normal temperature). Elements in the liquid such as VG/PG, flavourings and nicotine, oxidize in the liquid and particularly eliminate the alcohol. Removing the alcohol is an oxidation process that is why when you steeping your E-Juice, the colour becomes darker, the flavours would become silkier (Photo 1.0).


Photo 1.0 Colour changing when steeping period is longer 


 Is it important to steep my E-Juices? 

By steeping you could enhance the greatest flavours of the E-liquid and expands your 360 ̊ experience of your all day vape. There are many ways and methods to achieve good flavour. Basically this step is just let the juice alone. But you need to make sure that they are okay when alone. This process or step it give some space for the mixed ingredients to know and blend with each other. This is not a must require process of you becoming a vapers, but when you got the vape mail and started to vaping the new juice, may resulted you not having a full vape experience. You may obtain the absolute flavour when you learn to steep your own E-Liquids.

If you love to make your own D.I.Y or homemade E-Liquid well, you must steep it since it may have the chemicals “bite” on your tongue. If you brought the liquid through retail shop or may be online, you need to know that the juice has been made before your order was placed until it arrived in front of your door. If you vape it and may taste harsh you better steep your juice since the true flavour is not properly projected even though in the airplane it may moving and shaking but all substance were mixed well. Alcohol flavouring may taste harsh when they are mixed together. For a clue, you find the flavour went too strong or too sweet, steeping would help to lessen the sweetness and slowly deepens the flavour. However, be careful if you handling with mild flavour such as fruity juice, it might lose their flavour altogether and that comes where time equation for different juice flavour have they specific steeping period in order the secure the flavours.



Steeping is just a very simple work process. You just need to nicely arrange your E-Juices in a cool, dark place in a one big open container for few weeks (Photo 1.1). Shake the bottles frequently to help the process become faster. One thing you need to learn is how to become a very patient vaper. Frankly, steeping need lots of time get the best flavour. Like wines but they are more to fermentation process since they are not allowed to be disturb rather than E-Liquid they need attentions.


Photo 1.1 E-Juice Steeping Storage


  1. Remove the bottle’s wrappers for better steeping
  2. Place the bottles in a cool dark place for 6-14 days. A shoebox accepted.
  3. You may shake the bottles at least once per day. Twice per day recommended.
  4. Avoid the lights to hit the bottles or otherwise it could tanning your juice.

If you found that you are not that very patient vaper. Here is tips to make the process quicker by allowing the bottles under warm tap water. Use the sink for small quantity of bottles or if you are the E-Juice collector you may use bathtub to give some space between the bottles. The warmth from the tap water will attract the molecules in the liquid to dancing around faster. Moreover, the more other methods to speed steeping later.



Most of the vapers were confuse by the both process which one is steeping and breathing. Breathing process of the E-Juice lieterally let the juice to breathe. Take off the bottle caps off and let it your bottle to take some fresh air since it was trapped on the day they were made. Take note that the breathing process is not more than 12 hours. As earlier mentioned only volatile alcohol will be escape from the juice and lower the nicotine content a bit. This process to let the juice to release what the need to and freshen up your flavours. Steeping and breathing is two different process so do not get confuse. Steeping is letting your juice alone, occasionally give them a shake while breathing you open the bottle caps for few hours and done!


Photo 1.2 Let the E-Juice breathe



Two process in at once. Essentially, streathing is the matched words of steeping and breathing. These steps are combination of the two process which will definitely make your juices more delicious.

  1. Gather all juices in one container
  2. Shake one bottle at one time well
  3. Run them under a warm tap water
  4. Take the cap off and place in a cool dark place for two hours
  5. Assemble them back and give a last well shake

Photo 1.3 More simpler streathing method


As for the nipple bottle like unicorn and chubby gorilla E-Juice bottles (Photo 1.4), you need to let out the remaining air out where it happened on breathing process (no caps) and this step applied the same to the bottle with a dropper. Continue this steps few times and it would teach your patient to be a good vaper. Patience, effort and precision is more complicated than breathing or steeping alone.

 Photo 1.4 Chubby Gorilla E-Juice Bottles


 What are the limitation to streathing the E-Juices? 

These are a suggestions on how long you need to streathing your juices based on their substances content. Everyone has their own taste and style to vape their favourite juices so get to know which will match you.

  • Fruit flavour – Normally it is good to just vape straight out of the bottle but for more fruity taste just steeping it overnight to 3 days recommended.
  • Creamy and bakery flavour – Tasty for 7 days of steeping. Particularly with cinnamon, marshmallow, cream and custard flavours.
  • Tobacco flavours – Good for 7-10 days of steeping


Now tired of waiting and follow up steps? Speed steep your E-Juice!

  • Slow cooker – Low heat at a consistent temperature for longer period. Fill up with some water and set on lowest heat. Place a bag of E-Juice inside but make sure the bag is not too crowded since it may resulted unbalance stepping process and regularly shake will do
  • Ultrasonic cleaner – Ultrasonic cleaner for vape gear or jewellery can be useful for speed-steep process. Fill up the device with water according to the max water level, and let the ultrasonic waves do their works by moving the molecules with the vibrations
  • Magnetic stirrer – In a large container, transfer your liquid and best for the glass type container. Place on the magnetic stirrer and turn on the power. Besides being mesmerize by the process, this method is suitable for those who like to brew their own juice
  • Seed steeping – Not only seed but your E-Juices too. Seed steeping is blend of already steeped juice, with newly, un-steeped juice. This “plants the seed”, which will help to speed up the process.


Hence, you learning something from this post right? Hope you can start to steeping, breathing or better both streathing to upgrade and flavour up your E-Juices.


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Image credit: Google Image

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