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Every day will be news about vape even though the topic already being discuss before. Is vape safe? Is it true vape can reduce tobacco smoking rate? and so on…These news topics usually were exposing negative characteristics of vape itself rather the good side of vape. When there is a big incident come up, vape existence being questioned again.

Nowadays, lots of online media, blogs, and news full with vape rumours which several of them are quite dramatic of certain topics. One thing that the post they made, they need to find valid and medical approved research study about the issues appointed. You know that vape is the best alternative for smokers and reduce the smoking rate since in any way the smoking tobacco is more dangerous than vaping. Either for the smokers and the second-hand smokers would get the same harmful effect of smoking.

We know that you have been experience being ask about vape negative news. Please do not triggered and look for the sources of the news. Where and who made the research. Now, with this post would make you a brave vapers which will shut up all of the speculation about vape. Take note on important points which you can used to defence yourself from the ant-vapers. Be ready, here we go!


 10 Research Studies to Fight Vape Doubts


# 1 – Secondhand vapor secured

A toxicology expert, Igor Burstyn at Drexel University, finalized his studies and found out which there is no threat encounter to the bystanders taking breath besides a vaper. Burstyn worte on his research that, “Exposures of bystanders are likely to be orders of magnitude less and thus pose no concern”

Take a look at his study on Peering through the mist: Systematic review of what the chemistry of contaminants in electronic cigarettes tells us about health risk


# 2 – Improve lung function of a smoker

If you notice that this statement has been proved by few research studies and we also have covered up about related issue on our previous blog post here. Incredibly, Dr Polosa’s research on asthmatic smokers, change to vaping is the reliable prove that you can used. Surprise your anti-vapers which vaping improve your health, human’s lung function.

 Polosa wrote, “The e-cigarette may help smokers with asthma to reduce their consumption or remain abstinent and hence reduce the burden of smoking-related asthma symptoms”. She add that the positive result achieved by e-cig research gives advantage to the making of hypothesis which e-cig related products could help the smoking reduction and / or tobacco harm decreasing as well as asthma smokers.

Take a look at her research on Effect of Smoking Abstinence and Reduction in Asthmatic Smoker Switching to Electronic Cigarette: Evidence of Harm Reversal


# 3 – Power-less nicotine

Nicotine is a highly addictive and harmful substance which normally have in tobacco cigarette. Well as you already know what is nicotine is. So like other additive substance as heroin or cocaine which other complicated pronounce drugs name mentioned by the “writers” would shaking your believe on vaping, nicotine is far more less addictive than those drugs. Lots of curiosity appear about the addictiveness of nicotine. Dr Etter, who is a French expert figured that having vape rather than smoke is much less addictive and the best alternative compared with other nicotine therapy product (nicotine gum, nicotine patch)

Etter and his research mate Eissenberg, strongly stand that, besides holding on nicotine gums, e-cigarette may be as or better than the gums, yet e-cigarette are not that addictive. They add, “Some e-cigarette users were dependent on nicotine-containing e-cigarettes, but these products were less addictive than tobacco cigarette”

Take a look at their study on Dependence levels in users of electronic cigarette, nicotine gums and tobacco cigarettes


# 4 - Formaldehyde is not the main actor

For vapers that always concern and maybe you had read a research of formaldehyde by New England Journal of Medicine. Portland State University’s researchers, some of them found out that when primitive top-coil clearomizers called CE4’s being overheated a dangerous emissions of formaldehyde come out through vapour. Formaldehyde is colourless flammable gas which effect the person to have an irritation, and for vapers may have severe respiratory tract and dizziness or suffocation when inhale the vapour. However, the research has been show up by other continuous studies until one man named Dr Konstantinos, made a further study to prove to the PSU’s paper.

In his report, he describes very detail how the study used smoking machine to test the hypothesis, to create “dry puffs” (burnt hits), which as the vapour come out the coil heat the material that vapers would inhale.

Take a look at this interesting research on E-Cigarette Emit Very High Formaldehyde Levels Only in Conditions that are Aversive to Users: A Replication Study Under Verified Realistic Use Conditions


# 5 – Adult sweet treats

We know that lots of e juice manufactures producing numerous type of candies and fruits flavour for vapers. To the vape skeptics out there heard of sweet tooth human before. Sometime even adult wanted some sweet to pleasure their taste buds. Of course nothing wrong with the vapers who love and prefer such sweet flavour instead of strong savoury flavour. Furthermore, thank god to these sweet e juices are here because it got rid of the bitter tobacco cigarette from their tongue.

The authors gave their prespective which “among vapour store customers in the United States who use electronic nicotine delivery devices to stop smoking, vaping longer, using newer-generation devices and using non-tobacco and non-menthol flavoured e-liquid appear to be associated with higher rates of smoking cessation”

For more details and understanding you can read their research on Biochemically Verified Smoking Cessation and Vaping Belief among Vape Store Customers


# 6 – Lemon to Vape

We always heard and read about latest studies of vapour produce by the vaping activities. The problem when people seem hating vaping and assuming vape and smoking have no different because of the omission come out from both things are same.  Studies made by Dr Maciej Goniewicz and his team have found out that toxicant are far away from each other in the smoke. The authors wrote, as soon as the change from e-cigarettes, nicotine presence is still there nothing different, at the same time exposure to certain carcinogens and toxicants is significantly reduced.

Read this interesting study on Exposure to Nicotine and Selected Toxicants in Cigarette Smoker Who Switched to Electronic Cigarettes: A longitudinal within Subject Observational Study


# 7 – Your new best friend

From last year record, there have been three studies which prove that vaping is one of the suitable replacement for smoking and even better to stop cigarette smoking. By using the data from U.S Census (source of trusted data about people, business and economy) which present that vaping helps many smokers attempt to quit and smokers turn to vapers who are successfully quit increasing. This research is from University of California-San Diego which amazingly well-designed study come from the place of lots anti-vaping tobacco control world.

The lead author of this research, Shu-Hong Zhu wrote that “Use of e-cigarettes was associated both with a higher quit rate for individuals as well as the population level; driving an increase in the overall number of people quitting”

Check out their research which become the main reason of vaping on E-cigarette use and associated change in population smoking cessation: Evidence from US current population surveys


# 8 – Vaping ≠ Smoking

To the vapers gateway claim the hideous claim regarding vaping. Each one of the study which lay on claim of the gateway appear to be wrong in methodology or a tiny research study, Clive Bates gave a crystal clear about gateway claims which, the existence of vape causing more smoking behaviour. Lie giving a chance to the non-smoker who vape become knowing about smoking, especially this claim were focused towards the teenagers. Read his fantastic blog about more depth on gateway claims.

Bates is not only just write the blog without actual evidence. A research made by highly educated tobacco researchers which exposed there is no findings of a gateway, yet they welcoming vape as the best replacement for smoking.

Kozlowski and Warner stated that, research will still be made in order to be on the side of arguments or vice versa, in the findings of the study currently the teenagers exploring E-cigarette is not going to rise up the future smoking rate. They add, “Is it possible we could have our cake and eat it too? Perhaps, especially if sensible comprehensive harm reduction policies can earn a place in modern tobacco control efforts”

You could read their research on Adolescents and e-Cigarette: Objects of concern may appear larger than they are


# 9 – Vaping is better than smoking

In the beginning of the vapers stand is that smokers who are now vapers, a study based at United Kingdom with a group of respectful British and American researchers, stated which when they are switching to vape their health risk drop down rapidly.

They wrote in the study report that “Long-term NRT-only and e-cigarette-only use, but not dual use of NRTs or e-cigarette with combustible cigarettes, is associated with substantially reduced levels of measured carcinogens and toxins relative to smoking only combustible cigarette.”

Take a look at this amazing research from these intellectual researchers on Nicotine, Carcinogen and Toxin Exposure in Long Term E-Cigarette and Nicotine Replacement Therapy Users: A Cross-sectional Study


# 10 – Minimum cancer risks

Maybe some of vapers quite surprise by this statement which vape can reduce cancer risks. A research from University of St Andrews, United Kingdom studied the cancer pontencies of vapour, heat-not-burn, and tobacco product, with authorized chemical examine emissions. This one researcher created a method to present the measurements of vapour and smoke in same units. In his findings, vapers consuming normal wattage of vape devices settings almost lower the cancer risk than NRT can do.

While Dr Michael Siegel of Boston University wrote based on this study that “Numerous anti-tobacco groups and health departments have repeatedly asserted that vaping is no less hazardous than smoking but this claim is false.” He continued, “The present study adds significantly to the already substantial evidence that vaping is orders of magnitude safer than smoking.”

Read his complete research study on Comparing the cancer potencies of emissions from vaporised  



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