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Maybe some of the vapers might concerning or might not noticed that the reason why smokers have stained and yellow teeth. Do you know that if you consuming vape with nicotine content your teeth will be like them too since those effects came from one of the chemicals in the tobacco cigarette, nicotine. Alright, people have been talking, twitting and instagraming about vape and attracting many viewers at all range. Thanks to those people who interested the words ‘vape’ and ‘vaping’ are so trending until get some reward to be in the Oxford Dictionary as the ‘vaping’ won the Word of the Year of 2014 by the English dictionary. Surprised? Be proud vapers!


Word of the Year of 2014 - VAPE


Unfortunately, some research said it will harm your oral teeth somehow when vaping containing nicotine substance yet there are ways to control and avoid this golden smile which we would share down there. People would have questioning if vaping is less than smoking then there must be some sort of oral health will be effected as smoking does. If smoking stain the smoker’s smile, doesn’t it will be same too as to the vaper? Same goes to the smoke which release by the cigarette even could harm the secondhand smoker, then would not vaping have the same harm too? I believed everyone including the non-vapers which obviously have this trust issue with vape would questioning themselves with these questions. Remember that vape is LESS harmful from smoking and it DOES NOT meant that vape is a harmless portable vapour transfer device. Vape is born not to damage your teeth but we could not run from the fact which vaping with nicotine did stain your teeth sooner or later.

Of course, choosing vape is to have a better habit and vape is not here for today to promote stain teeth. However, at least we need to be a smart vaper where we learned, understood the bad things of vape then, trying to make any conclusion or solutions towards the matter so that other vapers does not get trap in the same situation. Let’s take a closer look at how this could happened to your precious teeth.


  • Research response which the substance (nicotine) is the culprit of gums recession. The blood flow running through our veins transport oxygen and containing important gums nutrients. The nicotine vapour helps to remove some the good things in our mouth. If this keeps continuing, our gums would rather wither and die.



  • Vape masking the other symptoms. Few of the dentists believed which the nicotine delivered by the vapour make it harder for them to identify any harm presence in the gums. The lack of good blood flow through veins in users mouth is the best and the most obvious symptom to detect. This which makes the dentists to received late recognition about the oral diseases.


  • Those oral health issues also could causes some people would stay away from you because of the bad breath from your mouth. But this I believe it rarely to occur since we have our own mouth fresher (flavoured eliquid)


  • Nicotine also known as a muscle stimulant, which could lead to teeth grinding where most of us would possibly wanted to avoid it happened.



No matter how you taking nicotine either through the traditional cigarette or with the modern technology using vape devices or other methods it will however damaging your oral health. Since this matter is still new and there is not much research to refer to while it is different from the smoking research about stain teeth and for now no clear specific science evidence yet. Well, lots of statements and faults being thrown to the E-Liquid since they saw it the main reason why it causes those issues but E-Liquid cannot the one who have all these negative impact. E-Liquids somehow attracted and it has biggest influence in the vaping world where smokers switch to vape.

Every problem has its solution. You may avoid and prevent this from happen badly. You can show off your confident whitely smile as it is the vaper’s pride! Here are some tips and teeth care for vapers which probably you have completed daily.


  • Always be hydrated. I believe many of the vaper experts would advise the most crucial things which vapers should drink a lot of water and stay hydrated as possible. Especially important to your teeth since the nicotine have cut down your gums nutrients.


  • Nicotine limitation. Since there are ex-smokers change to vape, it could be nice to reduce your nicotine level. Try to limit little by little but then make sure that you aware of your must-take nicotine dose since it would repel you back to smoke cigarette back



  • GOSHI-GOSHI. It means the sound of brushing your teeth in Japanese. Brushing your teeth is the best way to have a good care of your teeth to stay white and healthy. It may wash out some of the left nicotine in mouth complete gone. Well, this thing would be a worrisome since we do it every day.



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Image credits: Google Images

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