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Pervious blog post we have been sharing about the recent vape market status where they are one by one taking up places on the world’s market percentage with all the vape related equipment and accessories. Maybe some of you know that the beginning of vape evolution actually come from the Indian time vaporizers Sisha and Hookah. Then, in the 1927, Joseph Robinson who introduce the vaping habits with his “smokeless non-tobacco cigarrete”. Continuing the legacy, the person who invented the first version of e-cigarette and the success makes all the vaper nation calling him the “Godfather of Vape”, Hon Lik. His innovation until now is recognized all over the world until after his death on 1999 which has saved much life from the unhealthy smoking.  Starting from his gold touch, the vaping activity gaining its trust and place in the smokers’ heart as well as people surrounding thanks to the advantages which a device could do to make a better lifestyle.

The Godfather of Vape - Hon Lik

Back to the ongoing vape evolution which now run by its own users and manufactures, we could realise that smokers wanted to change themselves to the safer way of having their desire satisfied. Honestly, we in the vape nation feel so happy and proud that increasing number of people were accepting and recognizing vape more towards its positive effects than the opposite ones. Lots of researches, current market status and even the influenced people such as celebrities who bring the vape habits to its rising position through the world. Their advantages and specialities which also sparks an attraction to the non-smokers to try out the trending activity.

How an actor named “Vape” is now receiving rising popularity in these years?



These day we are being amazed by the new inventions which likely made “to vaper from vaper” term. They invent something that they already experienced the lacks of the device and trying to come out with better function and also the marketing strategies. Even thought it would not feel the same as you smoking cigarette but these inventions has made to at least fulfil your ideals and needs. Now in the higher technologies with the help of creative minded human being we live in, all the problems now could be erased on your list since you will definitely find your favourite one through hundreds type of vaping devices including custom made your own vape device. Variety of choices keep increasing with new ideas and improvements made to give as much perfect vape experience to its users. For example pod mod, which is the hot topic of new invention of vape device in 2017. This device is a detachable cartridge containing full of e-juice’s compartment which make the vapers more convenient on not to check and add the e-juice frequently. As for this year 2018, one stunning vape device which resembles as a USB device which catches lots of vapers’ eye and money. The famous brand JUUL or “the iPhone of e-cig”, starting from its launching for two years, this trendy device especially around the teenagers has become one of the hottest things which they are talking about. It is so attractive by the smart and stylish looks where it could fit in any spot.

 AIO Vape (Pod Mod)


JUUL - Portable Vape Device



Vape does not complete with its vaporising liquid. E-liquid which is the substance where the using the heated transferred by the coil with the help of wick that has been soaked with the liquid producing fantastic vapour according to the specific ratio mixed in the liquid. The brewers who are squeezing brand new flavour combination to bring vape experience to higher level. One type of flavour e-liquid such as fruit flavours (strawberry, apple, orange etc.) is one of the popular and preferable choice by the vapers since the up growing of vape activities. More times passes, the vapers would want something which is new and they can change the flavours to stay away from bored of one consist flavours. Take the control power of adjusting and matching your own preferred taste of “smoking” where you could not do with cigarette. Wide range of flavours and quantity (ml) of e-liquids these days is like when you enter the vape e-liquid shop you would be in the heaven. Thousands flavours were selling on by the E-commerce platform such as us the Vapechi. Choose the classic one typed flavour, like MAXX fruits e-liquid series, mixed fruit by VAPO FLAVO, tobacco flavour for the “ex-smoker new vaper” user with the TOBACCO series, desserts collections by CHINGGEY or your world’s favourite spread KAUFFEMEN - Peanut Butter.

VAPO FLAVO E-Liquid Series



The growing of vape is so influencing and bigger day by day until creates a community where led to its own “vapor” of culture. People in the circle are helping each other needs and curiosities, motivated the smokers to understand them there is a better healthy way to enjoy their desire, researchers who keep on studying rumours and finding medical facts to support the vapers rights and the government which together into the community to promote the great benefits of vape to their people.

Cloud Chaser Competition

Vape Convention / VapeFest

United Kingdom is the best example where lots of countries should follow on. UK does not have any tight vaping rule activity in their country since they notice lot of good differences recorded when they gave freedom to the vapers to vape and at least not at the open public as well as children. The most fantastic part is they now allows vaping activity in the prison after positive pilot program was a successful. Besides, what makes vape much more fun and exciting to have is that vapers could play around with the vapour. Vape tricks somehow have attract new vapers to experience such interesting to do. The popularity of vape could be because of the amazing vapour tricks made by them. Producing such outstanding shapes it not easy where there are levels of techniques needed according to the shape they wanted to exhale. One of the popular vape tricks come from the Vape God - Austin Lawrence, a young co-founder of Vertigo Vaporium producing lots of amazing simple and difficult trick to do.




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