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Malaysia has been known for its variety of tropical fruit sensations and do not to miss out, E-Juice also had infused great flavors for their vapers. One of the standout flavor among vapers MANGO! If you are the biggest fan of Mango and a vaper you are now in the Mango Tango nation.

We offer a variety of Mango Juices which mostly are best sellers in the market. Here are several of the top Mango-Flavored Juices for you to try:

Horny – Mango
Horny Mango captivates the taste buds of many vapers across the country and throughout Asia. It tastes like mango and smells like mango, too. This is most likely the best mango vape juice in the market today.

You would thought that this would be taste really sweet but actually it is not overwhelming. Thus, good choice for those who like rather sweet fruity flavour than the icy feeling. Shop this Juice just now.

AJ VAPE – Mango Blackcurrant
AJ Vape Mango Blackcurrant is a blend of sweet Mango fruit & Blackcurrant berries that will make you return for more. The tangy flavour of mango and the sweet, tart flavour of blackcurrant give a superb feeling.


Well this one it has a well-balance of both east and west fruits mix. The one who like depth Mango flavour and cold taste, this juice is your perfect choice. Shop  this Juice just now.


CRUSTY JUICE – Mango Yoghurt
Sweet mangoes with a wealthy & creamy vanilla yogurt evoke a wonderful soft-served mango ice cream you can get from ice cream shops. It has a smooth, just sweet-enough and a very refreshing taste that any palate would love.


Mango and yogurt who would have thought that these two could be the match in heaven. The natural sweetness Mango goes well together with the tangy sparks from vanilla yogurt would bring your vape experience more cool. Shop this fantastic juice now.


Mongoose – Mango
Nothing beats the best ripened mango with its fruity tropical vibe; a phenomenal taste, thick, relatively cloying taste of crisp mango on your tongue. Add in the blast of icylicious menthol that cools your throat as you exhale, leaving you a supreme sensation any time of the day or night!


Wanted to taste the total real Mango Tango adventure? This juice fit perfectly for the huge fans of the world’s favourite fruit, Mango. Shop this juice just now.


LASSI JUICE – Mango Lassi
Mango Lassi has a distinctive mango taste and a cloudy push for a vape. It's a blend of the sweet ripe mangoes and sour green mangoes with a very cool vibe that will dazzle your taste buds.


This juice is quite familiar to the CRUSTY JUICE – Mango Yogurt, but this juice explains the intense flavour of the combinations of Mango and yogurt as both of them become the famous Indian drink, lassi. Which the blend of any type of fruit together with yogurt to make lassi (smoothies). Shop  this Juice just now.


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