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Unexpected things happened when we did not expect it to happen since we set our mind “ouh that’s fine nothing’s gonna happened” then boom! No use to cry over a spilled ejuice anymore when you are not aware of the safety when vaping. It is the nature of life where nobody is perfect and each things has its pros and cons. No doubt which vape also have its disadvantage which many of the anti-vapers did not look about it thousands goods. Obviously, since there few cases where the mechanical explode and takes live but then they are ways which we could avoid such unlucky things from happening to us. Everybody knows that the e-cigarette including vape made of several mechanicals and batteries. Common knowledge where something with these equipment need to take care of like a baby, when it happened you are careless it could be simply faulty or burn yourself.

The process of making the vapour is very risky when one of the component is not right or broken could produce an explosion which seriously could harm you physically. It is proven vape is less harmful than smoking and with the innovation made by the vaper to vapers we can find now a waterproof and voice control vape. Cool right how vape is now growing?


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Geekvape Aegis Waterproof Vape Mod


However, handling with electronic devices really need to take extra attention to it. Anything can happen while you are vaping even when you simply store your vape device in the car. Steps need to be taken if you want to have a safe all day vape. Different from the previous post about Do’s and Dont’s for Vapers this safety tips will much more concerning of your beloved body and live. Below are the precautions checklist that you need to pay lots of attention to guarantee your safety while vaping.


  • Study on your batteries. How long the battery-life lasts, recommended to read thoroughly the device manual since different device, different battery characteristic


  • Never store any batteries in your pocket. Friction will make an explosion.


  • Constantly check for the heat temperature of the device. Too much heat will burn your face and hands.


  • Keep your vape pen or vape mod away from pets and children as you can.


  • Avoid any extreme heat from your precious vape. Handle it with care and caution.


  • Remember to properly charge your batteries, follow the instruction given by the device’s manual. Overcharge or undercharge will lowered down the battery life span and performance.


  • If you follow all the precautions, avoid heat, stored and charge the battery correctly and still the process acting weirdly, please stop and change the device to another one or buy a brand new one.


  • Make sure that before using the device, batteries need to be faultless




Every electronic device has its own portable power supply which the responsibility of the battery. Battery is made of electrolyte. It is a liquid or can be like a gel consistency substance in the battery containing electrically charged particles or ions. Earlier before we have mentioned that storing your battery in the pocket would ends a hole in your pocket. This is why the when more than one batteries being together inside the pocket would produce friction between the ions which could create sparks lead to burn your pants. Your absolute friend almost all day all year is vape, so make sure that the device is not overheated. Please love yourself and we did not want the vape explosion happened again. For example, news report by Miami Herald shocked the vape nations about vape pen explosion which taken the live of 38-year-old man in St. Petersburg, Florida.



Surely all your vape e juice collection have expired date on the label. Expiration date is put for extimating the quality of the food is good not because of safety step. It is like have you ever eat white bread which already expired but it is still in conditions without any fungi grow on sides? It goes around with the E-Juices well, it is your health safety which important, you’re sick, you can’t vape right? Simple hint when you know the juice is gone badly when the moment you open the cap it smells horrible. These are some hints to help determine whether the juice is safe to vape or not.

Hints check on your e juices:

  • E-liquid started to show some separation or solids created
  • E-liquid started to stick together
  • Pungent smell or terrible taste

Sometime separation and colour changed are because of nicotine oxidation and you just need to well shake it. If, the condition is still same try to smell or taste a little bit then you can buy new one at Vapechi when it gone bad.



Together we become a smart vaper who taking care of the people surrounding and our safety. Hopefully, this checklist would help you as a reminder to have all day safe vape.


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