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Vapers must be very familiar with the vaper’s tongue terms and also known as vapers’ fatigue this situation will normally happened and you will experience it once. This situation is a time when your tongue feels numb and could not taste the vape flavour. Your taste buds suddenly stop working until you losing taste for all foods and drinks. But don’t worry, this would be in a permanent state you can fix it back to normal and enjoy your vape. Taste buds cells have their own life cycle where they dying then living. 10 days to 2 week took for this cycle.

Now let’s found out why and how you are getting vaper’s tongue.


The Causes


When you are having somehow you will notice which your mouth and around your lip were dries out. Vaping can cause you being dehydrated during and after, that’s why when you came across a vaper who would regularly have sips of water whenever he finish his vape to keep him or herself hydrated. The culprits are the PG and VG which attend to draw out your tongue’s moisture and it could even create a thin film to the cover your tongue. The layer acts as a repellent, restraining quite number of flavour to catch your taste buds.

The solution? Have a water bottle besides you when vaping. This could eliminates all the remaining PG or VG which stick to your tongue and prevent you to have total vape experience.



I know that there is one person of your vape friends which will stick on one flavour when he or she found the flavour that finally matches their preference. It quite surprisingly where when you keep vaping with the same flavour all the time it will desensitized the flavour for you to taste. For example, the one who love and can eat spicy food, they could not sense the heat since their tongue comfortable with the food and practises spicy food until their tongue feel numb of its flavour. Same goes as to the vapers, if you keeps remaining your brain the favourite flavour of yours it will be the time when it blocking it up.

If you a vaper which like your own flavour mix, try to have several similar taste with your favourite on one day. By this your friends (tongue, brain) doesn’t go out for the same place every day and night. Let them have experience new and interesting flavours.



Through all your body parts, tongue and nose are best friends forever. When ones dies the other one is hopeless. If you checked all the previous causes does not happened to you and you probably having a cold. Cold symptoms usually showed up pretty late, if you are not coughing or even sniffing recently, it may be a sign you are coming down with one.

The cure is that just let it be. You may have your vape routine back on track after you good to go yet as the ongoing smoker to vaper you need your nicotine rate daily, you may vape as you but you could not taste the flavour during your sick period. Have a rest and drink a lot of water for speedy recover.



PG and VG normally will have particle which love to save some its spot between the coils when you having your vape daily. When the residue stick to the coil and you forget how to clean your device, you will get the brunt taste or dull flavours when vaping. I must have taste the differences between before and after you clean your coils, the flavour becomes more fresh and clean taste when vaping your cleaned device or atomizer.

To fix this, if the rebuilders are used, change the wick to the new white one and check on the coils every week to keep having clean vape experience. With the technologically vape device, the one who love to use the disposables, just change to the new once it started to taste tasteless.



It happened to all when we need time to be comfortable around new environment. As same to strong smoker which have thick layer of tobacco flavour and suddenly moved to mild, fruity e juice or e liquid would taste nothing. You just in the stage of suiting and adjusting yourself to new world of vaping. It is a usual thing when your taste buds block news flavours but when it became familiar and comfortable with, it will receive the flavour with open heart.



The Cures

Rather than called cures to vaper’s tongue it would be nice if you do this step as your habits or things that you should do frequently. For the new vapers could be afraid as they would experience a numb tongue experience, when things become back to place, all is going to be alright.


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